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On the Issues

The 2nd Amendment

Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed. Period. In Congress, I’ll fight to protect the 2nd Amendment every single day. The right to bear arms is God-given, not Biden-given.

Protecting Life

Life begins at conception, not some arbitrary date set by politicians. In Congress, I’ll fight to protect the unborn; defund Planned Parenthood, and pass a federal ban on abortion that protects unborn children in every corner of our country. 

Illegal Immigration

A country without borders is hardly a country at all. In Congress, I’ll fight to secure the Southern Border and will never offer any form of amnesty. Ever. America is a nation of laws and I intend to ensure we enforce those laws. 

Protecting Our Children

Anti-white racism, also known as Critical Race Theory,  and gender theory has no place in our classrooms.  Children should be learning how to add and subtract, not to hate themselves because of the color of their skin or having to endure left wing lectures about their sexuality before they hardly know how to read or write. In Congress, I’ll fight to protect our nation’s children just as I would my own. 

LEOs and First Responders

I back the blue- plain and simple. We need to adequately fund our law enforcement agencies to keep our communities safe. We must protect those who protect us. Additionally, we need to equip law enforcement professionals with every tool they need - from mental health resources to the weapons on their tactical belt - to adequately protect and serve.

Our Military

Ronald Reagan said it best: Peace through strength. We cannot have one without the other. Since becoming President, Joe Biden has demoralized our nation’s military unlike any other President in modern history. It’s time to go back to the basics: we need to ensure that our military is well-funded, well-trained, and well-equipped to take on any threat to our national security.

Abolish The IRS And Pass The Fair Tax

Hardworking Americans shouldn’t be punished for living the American Dream and success should be celebrated in America, not punished. That’s why in Congress, I will introduce legislation that will abolish the IRS and eliminate the federal income tax, replacing it instead with a national sales tax.

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