Rudy Giuliani

Date: 4/16/21

"This is the right man to reform Georgia"

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Atlanta Tea Party

Date: 4/16/2021

Atlanta, GA - Atlanta Tea Party proudly endorses Trump ally Vernon Jones for Georgia Governor. Mr. Jones did not become a Republican overnight.  In 2003, there was speculation that Jones was going to switch to the Republican Party because of some of his views. His conservative leanings go back to 2000 when he voted for George W. Bush and then again in 2004.

Vernon Jones has touted himself as a conservative Democrat for years. Jones is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and was endorsed by the NRA in 2016 with an A rating. Jones is a stronger supporter of border security than Georgia's current Governor is. Jones co-sponsored legislation last year to ban sanctuary cities.


He strongly criticized the Bush amnesty immigration bill in 2008.
Vernon Jones endorsed Donald Trump in 2020 and became one of Donald Trump's most loyal supporters. Jones spoke out against election fraud and became a close ally to Donald Trump.

Trump has made it no secret that he wants Brian Kemp gone as governor and wants a strong candidate to run against him in the Republican Primary. We think Vernon Jones is that candidate and we trust the fact that he is pro-life, defender of the 2nd Amendment, believes in strong border security and would work very hard to advance the America First Agenda.

Jones has proven that he has a spine of steel and can defeat Kemp and will trounce whoever the Democrat nominee is in 2022. He will make a great Governor of Georgia.

Source: Atlanta Tea Party Press Release

Russ Abernathy

Date: 5/11/21

While serving as Chief of Police of Henry County, Georgia I had the opportunity to work with Rep. Vernon Jones on occasion. We have always had a mutual respect for each other and a good working relationship.

Vernon was an elected Representative of the Democrat Party but became dissatisfied with the direction the Democrat Party was taking. In 2020 Vernon chose to leave the Democrat Party, joined the Republican Party, endorsed and campaigned for Donald Trump for President.

Vernon Jones is running for Governor of the Great State of Georgia.

Vernon is a strong conservative who supports our Constitution in its entirety as it was intended by our forefathers.

I have been asked on occasion Vernon's position regarding the 2nd Amendment. This message from one of his staff members makes it quite clear.

Because I believe that Vernon Jones exemplifies integrity, honesty, and conservative values I am honored to swing my support to Vernon Jones for Governor of the Great State of Georgia.

Source: Email from Russ Abernathy
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Bernard B. Kerik

Date: May 24, 2021

I witnessed personally the voter/election irregularities and fraud in Georgia, and I watched @GovKemp & @GaSecofState do everything in their power to certify a fraudulent vote count. That’s why I endorse and support @RepVernonJones for Governor of the State of Georgia.