President Trump


"When it comes to Georgia's 10th Congressional District I have only one choice and the man's name is Vernon Jones, a very special person. He's an America First fighter who will never back down to either the establishment or the radical left. Few fought harder for election integrity in 2020..."


Rudy Giuliani


General Michael Flynn

Date: 02/09/2022

“Yesterday’s attack by Mike Collins on the character of my friend Vernon Jones crossed the line. No true America First patriot would seek to sully the character of a good man by citing the Far Left Fake News media. Only a Democrat would. 

And it is for that reason that I am immediately withdrawing my endorsement of Mike Collins and joining President Trump in endorsing Vernon Jones to be the next Congressman for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. Few have fought harder for the America First movement than he has, and he has my complete and total endorsement.”

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Bernard B. Kerik

Date: 02/08/2022

“The Republican Party needs real leaders that have the courage to stand up and fight for what’s right, and Vernon Jones is that person for Georgia. He’s a proven leader that’s demonstrated a willingness to confront the rampant cronyism and corruption that’s made its way into the United States of America"

Leo Terrell

Date: 2/11/22

Citizens of Georgia: Will you help President Trump and I elect Vernon Jones to Congress? He is running for Georgia's 10th Congressional District. I am coming to the Peach State to help Vernon and other Trump candidates!

Source: Statement from Leo Terrell

Atlanta Tea Party

Date: 02/07/2022

Atlanta, GA - Vernon Jones has my complete trust to keep his promises. Atlanta Tea Party proudly endorses Trump-Endorsed Vernon Jones for Georgia's 10th Congressional District. Mr. Jones did not become a Republican overnight.  In 2003, there was speculation that Jones was going to switch to the Republican Party because of some of his views. His conservative leanings go back to 2000 when he voted for George W. Bush and then again in 2004.

Vernon Jones has touted himself as a conservative Democrat for years. Jones is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and was endorsed by the NRA in 2016 with an A rating.  Jones co-sponsored legislation in 2020 to ban sanctuary cities. He strongly criticized the Bush amnesty immigration bill in 2008.

Vernon Jones endorsed Donald Trump in 2020 and became one of Donald Trump's most loyal supporters. Jones spoke out against election fraud and became a close ally to Donald Trump.

We think Vernon Jones is strong, unabashed, conservative fighter and we trust the fact that he is pro-life, a defender of the 2nd Amendment and believes in strong border security.

Jones has proven that he has a spine of steel and can defeat the RINO's and the Democrats n in 2022. He will make a great congressman that will fight for America First values, without backing down. 

Source: Atlanta Tea Party Press Release